More and more families are taking ownership of their loved one’s Book of Memories and appreciate the opportunity to connect and engage with family and friends using these online tools.

Family Interactive Edition

The system automatically generates a Family Username and Family Password. (Both can be changed to what the funeral home or family prefers.)

This allows the family to login to their loved one’s Book of Memories to view private condolences and flower cards, change the theme, approve any photos or stories (if the approval process is turned on), upload photos, share stories, and send e-thank-you cards to anyone who signs the guest book.

Family Interactive and Condolence Email List: Add the email addresses of any family members who would like to receive the family login information (and future login changes) and all condolences. If there is more than one address, click ‘Add E-mail.’ The condolences are sent once a day to email addresses entered. (All condolences are filtered for any inappropriate words.)

What does the family login allow access to do?

Once a family is logged in, there are numerous features that they have access to:

View, Edit and Delete Condolences – Families can view the condolences, both public and private, left for them through the Book of Memories. The family can also then modify the condolence to edit the content, or delete the condolence.
View PDF Flower Cards – Families can view details on the floral arrangements ordered through the Book of Memories.
Send E-Thank You Cards – Families can easily send e-thank you cards to anyone who has submitted a condolence, purchased a memorial candle or purchased a floral arrangement through the Book of Memories
Upload a Photo
Share a Story about their loved one to the Book of Memories
Approve Photos or Stories posted to the Book of Memories If your funeral home is utilizing the Approval System, the family can also log in to approve photos or stories of their loved one.
Update the Book of Memories Theme – Families have the ability to change the look and feel of the memorial website by simply choosing a new theme.
Change Password – Families can update the password to their login family login.

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