We have partnered with the world’s #1 crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe, to create A Helping Hand™. This crowdfunding tool allows you to provide families a way to raise money for funeral costs and offer something uniquely innovative to your community. The funds raised can be directed to the family or the funeral home.

Create Your Company Profile

In order to create new GoFundMe pages for your families, you will first need to create your company profile.
Navigate to System Settings > A Helping Hand

Here you will need to fill out all the information requested and finally click the Create Account button.

Creating a New Campaign

The first step of the process in creating a A Helping Hand™ campaign that will be attached to the online Book of Memories memorial page, is navigating to the record profile in your admin system.

1. On the left hand menu, click A Helping Hand > Create/Edit Campaign.
2. Create a Campaign Title
3. Set a Goal Amount
4. Write a Story. If you would like to pull in a pre-defined story template, choose a entry from the Choose Pre-Defined Description list.
5. Enter the Family Members Full Name
6. Enter the Family Members Email Address
7. Select the Recipient of the Funds. This can either be the Funeral Home or the Family.

Control & Monitor Your Campaigns

At any point, families will be able to login, monitor the campaign, check the current balance and see sympathy gestures in real time. When the time is right, they will be able to put an end to the A Helping Hand™ campaign.

Transfer Funds to Bank Account

Both families and the funeral home will be able to initiate the transfer of funds towards the cost of the funeral at any time, even if the campaign is still active. When withdrawal of funds occurs before the campaign is finished or even after it is closed, it will take 2-5 business days for contributions to be received.

Funds Exceeding the Funeral Costs

The outpouring of support can generate funds in excess of the cost of the funeral and can be used by the family for other legal, estate fees. Many families have also been able to use excess funds to make a contribution to a charity, create a scholarship in the deceased’s name or help a family member in need.
If the GoFund Me account is set up to direct funds to the family. There is nothing needed at the funeral home level.
If the GoFundMe account is set up to direct funds to the funeral home, the excess funds will also have to be transferred to the funeral home. The funeral home will have to deposit the funds to their bank account and write a check to the family for the overage.

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