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Question: I am trying to upload an image but it’s not working. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: The most common reason why an image won’t load, is its size. Before uploading, please ensure that the size of the image is equal to or smaller than 1280×1024 pixels. Optimizing images for the web is also recommended. This can be done by adjusting the DPI to 150 or lower. Also, it’s important to note that the bigger the image, the longer it will take to load for your online visitors. Another common problem is photo file names. The names should not contain any special characters (commas, #, &, apostrophes, etc..) otherwise the image may break. Rename the photo using only numbers and letters before uploading it into the system.

Question: I’ve just created a new record and I can’t find it under Current Services. Where did it go?

Answer: There are two reasons that a new record may not be saved as a Current Service.

  1. The date of death was not entered and saved. Without a date, the system is not instructed to place the record in the Current Services category and will instead file it under Past Services category by default.
  2. The date of death is prior to the number of days a record is considered current in your system. This can be adjusted through a) System Settings > Profile > General Settings > Number of days a record is current or b) Record > Record Management > File Management > Current/Past. This will force a record to be current within the system but change it back following the service otherwise it will remain ‘current’ forever.

Question: I have set a record to be current but it is not showing up on the home page of my website. Why?

Answer: The home page will only list a certain number of names. Example: If you go to the current services page on your website, the specific record may be on page 2 listed as the 12th record. Your home page may only show 8 records.

Question: How can I show more records on my Current Services page?

Answer: Login to your system and navigate to Website. Go to Current Services page and click Edit Page Details > Edit Content. You will see a dropdown for “Number of records per page”. Choose a number and then click on Save.

Question: How can I sort the records on my website by service date?

Answer: Login to your system and navigate to Website. Go to Current Services and click on Edit Page Details > Edit Content. You will see a drop down for “Current Funeral listing order”. Choose ‘By date of death’; ‘By last name’; or ‘Service date’. Save.

Question: The information I’m entering is not saving properly. How can I fix this?

Answer: If you are experiencing save issues, please make sure you only have one browser window open at a time. If that isn’t the problem, try clearing your cache (refer to the FAQ – General) or close all windows and navigate back to your site login page. By following any one of these steps, you should be able to save the information without any issues.

Question: How do I delete a funeral record?

Answer: There are times that you may need to delete a funeral record from the system. However, if you only want to remove the funeral record from the website, simply hide the record instead.

To hide a record:

  1. Open the record.
  2. Record Management > File Management
  3. Change the “Publish to Web” dropdown menu to No.

Question: We create our own videos. How can I upload them into records?

Answer:There is currently no option to upload your videos into the system. If you use another third-party company, copy its URL into your record in the Video Link field. However, there are two options within the system to create Digital Video Tributes. Contact your Success Coach for more information.

Question: Why can’t I see the new file number I have added to a record?

Answer: File numbers are automatically generated when a new record is created. These numbers can be changed at any time but your browser may not immediately update the information.
This can be resolved by a ‘refresh’ or a ‘cache clear’.

  1. To refresh, press F5 on your keyboard or click the refresh button at the top of your browser. If a refresh does not work, proceed to step 2.
  2. Clear your cache by going to Tools at the top of your browser > Options. The various browsers use different settings but you will be presented with options to view or delete Browsing History. This will clear the browser’s memory and the new file number will be visible the next time the record is loaded.

Question: How can I find an older record that is not appearing within the list?

Answer: To locate an older record in the system, go to Main > All Records. This will display all records in the system. Type in the name in the search box or click on the first letter of the deceased’s last name. There is also an Advanced Search option to filter your search by name, client number, service date and/or date of death.

Question: How can I change the length of time that records are listed as ‘current’?

Answer: To adjust the length of time that records are listed as current:

  1. System Settings > System Profile > General Settings.
  2. Change the days to a smaller or greater number.
  3. Save.

Question: How can family members receive condolence emails?

Answer: When a record is created, funeral homes have the option to build a condolence email list. Any emails listed will receive condolences once a day. There are various reasons why families are not receiving these emails:

  • The email address was spelled incorrectly in the record
  • The email addresses were not separated by commas when they were entered. *Note there are no spaces in the comma separated list. Example:,,
  • The emails have not been sent by the system yet.

If this issue persists, contact us to trace and verify the e-mails sent.

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