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Question: My password doesn’t work anymore. I logged into the system earlier today but I can no longer access. What happened?

Answer: The usernames and passwords are case sensitive. You need to enter the information the same way it is set up in your system. If the issue persists, try logging in from another computer. This may be a computer error, not a system error.

Question: Can anyone access our system?

Answer: No. Only users set up in the system will have the ability to access the system.

Question: What security measures have been taken to prevent someone from accessing our system and changing the content?

Answer: In conjunction with the recorded log, users only have 3 attempts to login to the administration area of your system before being “locked out”. If there are more that 3 unsuccessful attempts, our servers track the computer that the person is using and blocks any further attempts. Our improved security features require everyone to type in their username and password every time they login. This helps prevent strangers from accessing your data.

Question: How long can I be logged into our system? Is there a time limit?

Answer: There is no time limit, however there is a “time out” limit for those who remain logged in but leave their computer. The limit is equal to 3 hours of non-activity time. We recommend logging out of your system whenever you step away from your computer. This will prevent unauthorized people from viewing, modifying or compromising your data.

Question: What happens when I have exceeded the “time out” limit?

Answer: You will know that the “time out” limit has been exceeded and you try clicking on any button or menu item in the system. You will be presented with the initial login screen. We recommend saving your work and then logging out of the system whenever you step away from your computer. This will ensure no loss of your data and prevent unauthorized people from viewing, modifying or compromising your data.

Question: I am being asked to clear my cache. What does that mean and how do I do that?

Answer: The cache is where your browser files are stored so you don’t have to download files every time you need them. When we update files, caches need to be cleaned because the cached data is out of date. Different versions will have different steps. Try this link – choose your web browser and version to access the appropriate steps for your computer.

Question: How do I take a screen shot?

Answer: To do a screen shot, open the page you need to capture and follow these instructions:

  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+Print Screen on your keyboard. Nothing will “happen” right away – wait as the screen shot is taken and placed on your clipboard.
  2. Open Microsoft Paint (usually found under the Start Menu > Accessories)
  3. In paint go to the “Edit” menu and select “Paste”
  4. In paint go to the “File” menu and select “Save As”
  5. Name the file and save it to a folder or your computer’s Desktop.

Question: How do I change the time or date in my system?

Answer: The time and date in your Pulse system is tied directly to your computer clock, which adjusts to time zone and daylight savings settings. To change the time/date, click on the time/date display on your computer’s task bar (usually located close to volume, battery and internet signal icons). The time/date settings can also be accessed and modified through your computer’s Control Panel.

Question: Why does FrontRunner choose a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 and how do I check/change my screen resolution to make sure my computer meets the minimum requirements?

The resolution of 1024 × 768 was chosen after determining the most common resolution as more people opt for larger monitors.

640 × 480pixels – .06% market share
800 × 600pixels – 4.5% market share
1024 × 786pixels – 37% market share
The remaining % are higher resolutions.

To change your monitor’s resolution, visit the following website that provides step by step instructions.

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