If you’re new to the Pulse Management system and require a few quick tips to get you started on the main components of the system, the information below will help.

Login to Your System

Go to your website and click on Admin in footer of site (or enter the URL – ending in .frontrunnerpro.com – to access the login screen.) The username and password must be entered every time you login. When asked if you would like the browser to save your password please choose the “Never for This Site” option. This will prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Add a Record

Below are brief step-by-step descriptions to create / add a new record. For more detailed information, please visit our Add New Client section.

Option 1:

  • Main > Records
  • Click the ‘Add a New Record’ button at the top right.
  • Within Record Management, enter the charities, family login information, and file management data.
  • To choose a theme and add photos, please refer to our Book of Memories section.
  • Save.

Option 2:

  • Arranging Director > Add New Client
  • Enter the Contract Date
  • Use the Contract Type dropdown to select whether the record is Pre-Need or At-Need
  • For At-Need records, add the Contract Number (click on ‘Last Entered AtNeed link to find the most recent Contract Number) and the Service Date using the calendar icon (check if estimated date).
  • For Pre-Need records, enter the Contract Number (click on ‘Last Entered Preneed link to find the most recent Contract Number).
  • Add the Last Name, First Name & Middle Name
  • Click on the Add Client button.

The record will automatically publish to your website and create a Book of Memories. If you do not see the record on your website, return to record and navigate to Record Management > File Management. Make sure the ‘Publish to web’ drop-down is marked as Yes. Save.

Edit a Record

From your Main tab > Records page (or Arranging Director > Active Clients), all current records will be visible. You can enter the name in the Search box or click on the first letter of the deceased’s last name to pull up a specific current record. If you need to access another type of record, or choose from the left menu to display:

  • Past Records
  • All Records
  • Standard Records
  • Web Only Records
  • Pre-Need Records

Once you locate the correct record, click on it to open. Navigate to the section that requires changes. Click on Save at top right to make the changes live.

Edit the Website

To make changes to your website content, open the Website tab at the top of your desktop. Navigate to the page that requires changes and (in most cases) click on ‘Edit Content’. Certain pages also contain header and footer sections; if so, buttons to edit those will appear at the top right. A detailed description of the editing capabilities (adding a photo, changing text, creating a hyperlink) can be found on the Website Editing page. To add / delete / hide / re-name a page, please refer to the Manage Website section of the manual.

Edit Website Home Page

The home page is full of widgets than can be easily edited by clicking on Edit within each section. More details about each section (including the Welcome Message) can be found in the Home Page Editing section of the manual.


Step-by-step videos are available for many features within the FrontRunner system. They are short-and-to-the point and can be found in the FrontRunner Manual YouTube Playlist.

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