This section of Arranging Director provides all the vital information of the deceased.

Open a record and navigate to Client Arrangement > Vitals.

Client Vital Information

Enter all the client information. The more information that is added in these fields, the less you will have to add in separately for the obituary, forms, stationery, and contracts.

Contract Date

Click on the calendar icon to select a date or manually enter the date: XX/XX/XXXX – Month/Day/Year

Deceased Name

The first and last names are required fields.

Fill in all other applicable fields.

Personal Details

Use the dropdown to select Male or Female. Add the SSN/SIN information.

Date of Birth & Date of Death – Use the calendar icon or manually enter the date: XX/XX/XXXX – Month/Day/Year When both fields are filled in, click on the calculator icon beside Age to calculate the age.

Fill in all other applicable fields.

Residence Information

Fill in all applicable fields. For those fields that contain dropdowns (City, Township, etc.), either click on the dropdown or start to type the name. If the city, for example, is already in the database, the word will appear. If not, type in the full name and once the record is saved, it will then save to the database and become a dropdown option.

Marital Status

Choose marital status and the marriage date, if applicable. Add additional information in this section if relevant.

Parent Information

Add information about both the father and mother.

Occupation Information

Click on the dropdowns to select the occupation and nature of business or type in the text. Any new fields entered will automatically populate the dropdown once the record is saved.


Click on the dropdowns for the applicable education field.

Military Service

If the client was a member of the military, select ‘Yes’ from the Veteran drop-down. Fill in all applicable information and click on the calendar icons to choose the service entry and separation dates.

Religion and Organizations

Select the religion and church from the dropdown options or type it in manually. (Once the record is saved, any new field will populate the database)

Physician Information

Use the dropdown to access the physicians currently entered in the database. If it is not visible, type in the information. (Once the record is saved, any new field will populate the database)

Place of Death

Fill in all applicable information. Select from the dropdown options otherwise type in the information required. (Once the record is saved, any new field will populate the database)


Choose the method of disposition and date.

Informant Details

Add the informant’s name and relationship. If the informant has the same address and phone number as what’s entered for the deceased, click on the ‘Use Deceased’s Addr and Phone Info’ button to the right.

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