You must define your Trade Service Accounts and Service Types before you can begin to enter and invoice trade service accounts.

Trade Service Accounts

Add and maintain all of the funeral homes/accounts for which you perform trade services for via System Settings > Data Setup > Quickfill & System Data. In the right hand column there is an option for Trade Accounts. This list is used on the client service data entry screen. All trade accounts must be configured via this setup screens. You may not add Trade Accounts “on the fly” via the Client Service screen.

Service Types

On the same setup menu as the Trade Accounts, there is an option for Service Types. You may add one or more trade service types but the service name MUST begin with “Trade“.

The sales report breaks down the financial numbers by Service Type. If you would like all your trade services to be summarized together on the Sales report you can enter one service type of “Trade”. If you want a more detailed break down you may enter multiple service types. As long as the service type name begins with “Trade“ it will be considered a trade service.

Client Data Entry

Client Service Information

To create a trade service call in your system, you will create it the same was as any other client. Arranging Director > Clients > Add New Client. The service data entry process is the same as well, however, on the Service tab, you will choose the Service Type as your *“Trade” *entry.
Once the Service Type field has been indicated as Trade, automatically the additional fields for Trade Account Name and Address, Removal Location and Address, Removal Date and Time, Removal Notes, Delivery Location and Address, Delivery Date and Time and Delivery Notes will appear. Fill out what is needed here.

Client Contract

The data entry process for a trade service client contract works the same as any other client, including “package” pricing.

If you have different pricing structures for your various trade accounts you may setup “packages” for each account via System Settings > Pricing Setup > Package Pricing. When you select the package, the pricing will auto-fill on the client contract screen. You may add or edit the contract pricing just like you can with a non-trade service contract.

Trade Account Invoices/ Statements Click Here.
Trade Account Payments Click Here

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