Honoring a Life is a global fight against climate change and a memorial tree program created to give those who are grieving the option of a deeply symbolic gesture to honor their loved one. As a funeral home, you can provide the honoring a life kit to your families you serve.

Honoring a Life Kits include:

  • A Tree to be planted
  • Online Memorial on www.honoringalife.org
  • A Card to provide your family
  • A Bookmark
  • A Envelope
  • All stationery items are printed on eco-friendly, recycled paper.

Once the program is activated in your system, you will be able to plant trees, and create memorials on the Honoring a Life website with seamless integration to your FrontRunner Professional system, with no need to add duplicate information. As soon as the kits are purchased, we have shipping arranged to send the stationery pieces to your funeral home and we will add all the credits into your system.

To View Honoring a Life within your System

Navigate to the Main Tab > Honoring a Life.

Here you will see your Honoring a Life Dashboard

HAL Credits
This section will allow you to see if the following:

  • How many credits you have available (One credit equals one kit)
  • By clicking the purchase more kits button, you will be able to pay via Simply One Account or by Credit Card. This will automatically process your order to have your kits sent to you.

HAL Contribution
View the accumulated amount of trees you have planted.

Online Chat
Chat with our support team for any questions you may have.

Honoring A Life Records
This section will populate all records you’ve added into your FrontRunner Professional System. The different tabs will allow you to see current, past, all records or only records in which you’ve planted trees for. By clicking the Plant Tree button, this will take you to the client’s record to add a personalized message before publishing on the Honoring A Life website.

Planting A Tree

Within the Plant a Tree Tab, you can preview the memorial page to see what it would look like prior to purchasing. The “This Tree is From” section will auto-populate with your Funeral Home’s name, which you can change if needed. The following message is published to the Honoring a Life website with each tree purchase: The planting of one memorial tree in the honor of Deceased Name has been arranged by Funeral Home Name. You have the ability to add an additional personalized message as well to the “Leave a message” box.Click the spend credit button to finalize your purchase. It will also show you the price per tree if you do not have enough credits to make the purchase. At this time you can send your card, bookmark and envelope to the family.

Editing a Memorial Tree Message

If someone has purchased the planting of a Memorial Tree and they contact you to edit the message that they have left with the tree, you are able to do this for them:

  1. Login to your system and go to the record that the memorial tree message was left for.
  2. Click on Tributes in the left menu, and then Edit Memorial Tree on the right, for the message you need to edit. This will take you to your Honoring a Life dashboard.
  3. Click the green Edit button, and edit the message.
  4. Click Save.

Saving the changes will automatically publish the updated message to your website, as well as the Honoring a Life website.


Question: Where can I see my tree at?

Answer: The tree will be planted in a forest, so being able to see the single tree that is yours is likely not possible right now. In the future, we will likely be looking into working with local cities to be able to plant in designated areas.

Question: Where is my tree planted at? Can you provide me with city and state?

Answer: Trees will be planted in the closest project to the recipient. It may not be in the same state, as the trees are planted in areas with the greatest need.

Question: When exactly will my tree get planted?

Answer: We are unable to provide an exact date of planting, as there are too many variables, for example, the weather. Generally, the biggest planting season is in the Spring/Fall, but if there is a lot of rain in the summer, they can plant at that time as well.

Question: How do I know my tree is planted and can I get an email the day of planting?

Answer: Once the tree is planted there will be a map added to the Memorial page on “honoringalife.org” to show what area the tree was planted in. This will likely not happen for some months after the planting, as it does take time for the reports to flow to us.

Question: How do I know which tree is mine?

Answer: There is not a tree designated to the buyer. When/if we move into Urban Planting then we will be able to let you know what tree is yours.

Question: Will there be a name or plaque or even a ribbon on my tree?

Answer: When/if we move into Urban Planting, we may be able to have a plaque but it is different for every town or city. This type of planting is a much more expensive option and would add more than $200 onto the cost of each tree, depending on the by-laws.

Question: Can I buy a plaque to put by my tree?

Answer: No. When/if we move into Urban Planting, you may be able to have a plaque but the laws are different for every town/city.

Question: Do I get a choice of city/state where I can have my tree planted?

Answer: Yes, the buyer can contact Honoring a Life and we can try to get a tree planted in a specific state if there is a project there.

Question: Can I google the location of my tree?

Answer: Buyers are not given GPS co-ordinates for the tree. Only general areas will be given.

Question: What if my tree dies?

Answer: There will be no way of knowing if the tree dies.

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