System Profile

Your System Profile is where you can enter/edit all the location and contact information for your funeral home,

Navigate to System Settings > System Profile > Profile.

Complete or modify all relevant information. Below, please find clarification on a few of the items:

  • Branch Name (allows the system to distinguish between multiple branches if the company name is the same). If your funeral firm has more than one location (branch), make sure all are listed. If they are not, create a new profile using the button at the top right. If a location’s profile is already open, you will not see this button until you save.
  • Call Volume (annual)
  • Contact Person (primary contact) & Contact Email – this is primary contact’s email address, which will also be displayed on your website
  • Email for Website Forms (email address where all forms submitted by online visitors should be sent; separate multiple addresses with comma and space)
  • Email for QuickSearch Reports (email address to receive reports of searches done on website by online visitors; separate multiple addresses with comma and space)
  • Email for billing information (email address to receive all invoicing; separate multiple addresses with comma and space)
  • List the communities you serve (separate multiple communities with comma and space)
  • List any additional keywords you would like to use that relate to your firm (ex. pre-arrangement, cremation, family owned, etc.)
  • Show birthdays on the web (birth dates of deceased)
  • ​Enable Death Anniversary Notification (email notification on 1st anniversary of the deceased’s death anniversary).

General Settings

Navigate to System Settings > System Profile > General Settings. This page allows you to define how long records are set as current in your system and how to disable prices on the website with a single click of a button.

Complete the Funeral Module Settings:

  • Number of days a record is current: Select the number of days a record will be considered current on your website; after that number of days has passed, the record will be classified as a past service.
  • Guestbook Monitoring Email (email address where all condolence messages will be sent).

Complete the Product Catalog Module Settings:

Disable all prices on the web: Check the box to hide all prices for products on your website.

BOM Flower Orders – Heartfelt Sympathies – Preferred Florists

A Dignified Approach to Expressions of Sympathy
Heartfelt Sympathies offers respectful memorial options for families that demonstrate the love and support of family members and friends when they are needed most. This secure, online portal to personalized products allows visitors to order flowers, memorial cards, and send sympathy baskets.

When an online visitor places an order:

  • Heartfelt Sympathies will randomly select a florist (if more than one) from the First Choice list.
  • If no First Choice florists are available to process and deliver an order, Heartfelt Sympathies will randomly select a florist from the Preferred list.
  • In the event that none of your chosen florists are able to fulfill an order, Heartfelt Sympathies will work with other local florists to ensure the delivery is made.

For more information about Heartfelt Sympathies, contact

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