In today’s changing market, families are looking for more choices, more options, and more convenience when it comes to paying for funeral-related products and services. For many, using a line of credit is essential. Bluefin and FrontRunner Professional have put together a comprehensive all-in-one payment solution offering the most competitive rates on the market. ConsumerSide is designed with both the new consumer and the funeral home in mind, under a shared belief that “When you put families first, they’ll take notice”.

The integrated and eCommerce enabled product catalogue and virtual showroom provide convenience for your families and allow you to instantly take advantage of the vast new opportunities the online market has to offer.

Funeral Service Savings Plan

We are currently working with legislators and pre-need professionals to develop a new approach to setting aside funds for final expenses. This new product will help provide the flexibility and choice that new families are seeking.

It Costs Nothing to Get Started

It may be hard to believe, but there are no start-up fees! Sign up with ConsumerSide today to give families access to your complete virtual showroom and catalogue, and the payment flexibility they need. You will have the security you need. It’s a win-win and costs nothing to enrol.

Contact your FrontRunner Professional Success Coach for more information. Feel free to contact Bluefin by visiting or calling 1-800-675-6573.

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