FrontRunner is committed to creating a stunning video that represents both the quality of your facility and the exceptional services you provide for your community.

The Facility Video will include:

  • Up to 40 photos of your facility
  • Appropriate music
  • Text throughout the video that can be provided by your firm or created by FrontRunner
  • One request for changes
  • Video is provided in MP4 or ISO format
  • One web-ready quality copy plus one high definition copy provided

To begin in the creation process, your Success Coach will send you a Facility Tour App Document which will need to be completed by you.

Provide up to 40 photos that are at its best quality. Large images will shrink but if an image is too small, it will be added to the video that way.

Sending files is different in each email program. Normally, you can send up to 10 MB using a zipped folder. To zip a folder, right click on it and click Send to > Compressed (zipped) Folder. If the file size is too big to send, contact your project manager for other options.

Outline the specific order of the photos and specify the file names.
Include any text/verbiage to be included in the video and specify where (file name).
Indicate where (which web page) the video should be posted.

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