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Question: The changes I made to the website aren’t showing up. What did I do wrong?

Answer: If you do not see the changes made on the live website:

  • Make sure the page changes were saved.
  • Make sure the page is not hidden. If it is hidden, the page name will be surrounded by brackets in the navigation menu within administration.
  • Make sure the parent page is not hidden (the page clicked on to get to your page). If it is hidden, the page name will be surrounded by brackets in the navigation menu within administration.
  • Refresh the page by clicking on the F5 keyboard button.

Question: Why is my website down? Help!

Answer: If your website ( is down, it might be a domain name issue. Contact your domain name provider to verify whether the domain name has expired.
p(banner tip). Your domain name provider may not necessarily be your website provider. To find out your domain name provider, go to and enter your domain name.

Question: Why am I not receiving any emails through the forms on my website?

Answer: Please make sure the emails have not been directed to your spam or junk folders. If not, it’s important to check whether the email address information is correct:

  1. Login to your system and navigate to System Settings > System Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the field called “Email for Website Forms”.
  3. Correct the email address.

If correct:

  1. Navigate to the Website tab and a website form page.
  2. Click on the ‘Edit Content’ button.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Destination Email Address’ to check if email address listed is correct and, if more than one, they are separated with a comma OR the “Use Email for Website Forms from Profile” box is checked.
  4. Click ‘Save’.
  5. Don’t forget to Publish your website.

If everything has been set up properly, try using a different email address. Send yourself a test form to confirm.

Question: Why is the form on my website not working?

Answer: Confirm that your form page is set up to send forms. Edit Details > Page Action. The radio button for Open an Email Form must be selected.

If it is:
Verify the email being used for the form is correct. Click close at the top right > click Edit Content. Check the destination email address.

If it is not:

  1. Click close at the top right > Edit Content.
  2. Click the Advanced button in the menu and the Source icon.
  3. Click anywhere on the page (html code) then Ctrl-A to select all the code.
  4. Click Ctrl-X to delete the text.
  5. Click close at the top right > Edit Details.
  6. Choose the Open an Email Form module then Save.
  7. Click Edit Content.
  8. Click the Advanced button in the menu and the Source icon.
  9. Delete any code.
  10. Click Ctrl-V.
  11. Save.

Question: Why did the login screen appear when I saved my work on a web page?

Answer: The login screen will appear if no work was saved on your computer for longer than 3 hours. Please save your changes frequently and save your work before leaving your computer for any length of time.

Question: What are QuickSearch report emails?

Answer: Whenever a visitor searches for keywords on your website, you will receive an email letting you know the results of the search. If any results were found, the email lists the number and top results. This information will help build your website and better assist online visitors. For further information, click here.

Question: Why are hidden pages still appearing on my live website?

Answer: Navigate to Website > Manage > Site Map. Confirm all pages that need to be hidden are in fact hidden. Click the ‘Hide’ button beside the page name.

Even if primary page (‘parent’) is hidden, all of the secondary (‘child’) pages need to be marked as hidden as well. The page will not be visible in the menu but visitors searching for particular keywords may be able to locate the page in the search results.

Question: Why is a current record not appearing on my website’s home page?

Answer: The home page only lists a certain number of records. If, for example, there are 12 current services yet the home page settings only allow 8 records, there will be 4 records that don’t appear. Online visitors can follow the link to view Current Services to see all current records.

You can also change the number of visible records on your home page. Go to the Current Services page and click Edit Page Details > Edit Content. You will see a drop down for “Number of records per page”. Choose a number and then click on Save.

Question: What does an anchor icon do?

Answer: The WYSIWYG Editor allows the user to link to different pages (hyperlinks) or different parts of the same page (anchors). If you see an anchor, a link exists to direct users to another section of the same page.

Question: Why does my full website load on my iPhone even though I’ve checked the mobile website to appear?

Answer: This is a known issue with the Safari browser on the iPhone. If you’ve ever viewed the full website on your phone, Safari would have cached it and will continue to display it until the history, cookies and data are cleared.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Safari > Clear History. A confirmation message will appear.
  2. Choose ‘Clear History’ or ‘Cancel’ to continue.
  3. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data. A confirmation message will appear.
  4. Choose ‘Clear Cookies and Data’ or ‘Cancel’ to continue.

Once the cache is cleared, you should be able to view the mobile website.

How do I resize my images?

  1. If you open up Paint on your computer, you will want to open your photo.
  2. Click Resize.
  3. Choose the pixels option.
  4. Make sure the ‘maintain aspect ratio’ box is unchecked.
  5. Enter the horizontal pixel amount.
  6. Click OK.

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