Navigate to System Settings > System Profile > Profile.

Complete or modify the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Copyright Name
  • Branch Name (allows the system to distinguish between multiple branches if the company name is the same)
  • Business Code Number
  • Funeral Home License Number
  • ​Tax Number
  • Call Volume (annual)
  • Address information.
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number (if applicable)
  • Contact Person (primary contact)
  • Contact Email – this is primary contact’s email address, which will also be displayed on your website
  • Website Address (URL)
  • Email for Website Forms (email address where all forms submitted by online visitors should be sent; separate multiple addresses with comma and space)
  • Email for QuickSearch Reports (email address to receive reports of searches done on website by online visitors; separate multiple addresses with comma and space)
  • Email for billing information (email address to receive all invoicing; separate multiple addresses with comma and space)
  • List the communities you serve (separate multiple communities with comma and space)
  • List any additional keywords you would like to use that relate to your firm (ex. pre-arrangement, cremation, family owned, etc.)
  • Show birthdays on the web (birth dates of deceased)

If your funeral firm has more than one location (branch), make sure all are listed. If they are not, create a new profile using the button at the top right. If a location’s profile is already open, you will not see this button until you save.

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