is a commercial-free online obituary and death notice posting site controlled by funeral professionals to help protect the integrity of their profession, the dignity of the deceased, and the trust their families and communities have placed in them. We are helping funeral professionals regain control of their obituaries and death notices by directing visitors instantly back to the firm’s website and preventing them from being redirected to special interest or third party marketers. Records never go down, providing a permanent connection back to the funeral home.

Once a record is published on a live website, it will automatically push to

Online visitors to enter the name of the deceased in the search box and click ‘Find’. Depending on the search, one name or a list of names will appear. If there is a long list of names, the online visitor can increase the number of visible rows or click through all the pages.

Once the correct deceased’s name is found, it can be clicked to open a page that shows the full name, date of birth (if set to show), date of death, and obituary. The funeral home name links to the funeral home’s website.

Any of the links found within an online memorial page section at the bottom of the page will link back to the funeral home’s services web page. The name of the deceased will be visible and linked to the Book of Memories.

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