Funeral Webcasting allows grieving family members and friends to be part of the service no matter where they live in the world. FrontRunner software includes integration capabilities for SympathyNet. When a webcasting event is created, both systems generate an invitation email with login information for families to send to those who are unable to attend the service.

Setting up Your System

Navigate to System Settings > System Profile > Profile. Open the profile and scroll to the box (shown below) to enter the SympathyNet API Key, provided by SympathyNet.

Create a Webcast

Click ‘Add Webcast’ to activate the feature and edit the Webcast Settings.

  • Create a Secure Login (user name and password) for families by checking the appropriate box.
  • Change the title of the webcast and add the description to appear under the viewing window in the Book of Memories.
  • Edit the event date and time to change the times originally entered in the arrangement process.

To change the date or times of the event without modifying the arrangements, select ‘Modify Webcast’. Edit a webcast by clicking on the ‘Edit Webcast’ button. In this section, the date and/or times of the event can be changed without modifying the arrangement dates and times.

To add to the list, click on the ‘Add Event’ button at the top right. Once the event is added, it will be available in the Book of Memories. The ‘Watch Webcast’ button will only be available once the webcast begins.

To view all scheduled webcasts, navigate to Main > Book of Memories > Webcasting. All webcasts for all clients are accessible.

If you are experiencing issues with your SympathyNet webcasts or have any questions, please contact Paul@SympathyNet.

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